Bonanza Eid Collection 2014-2015

Eid is a religious festival that is celebrated all over the world with great zeal and zest. On each single Eid occasion all the brands and designers come up with their collections for men, women and kids. In all such brands we have the name of Bonanza as well. Bonanza is one of the famous fashion houses in Pakistan market. This brand is oldest and hence one of the reputable fashion hubs. These days women are giving their complete attention in finding the shirts that are all stitched with long length. Long shirts are becoming one of the latest trends in both seasonal happenings of summer and winter timings. It is much liked by the teenage girls for appearing trendy plus sophisticated looking. Hence overall this Eid collection is elegant and beautiful. Each single dress is different and unique looking from one another. Let’s have a look over the few images of Bonanza Eid collection 2014-2015.

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