Fiction Concept Pret a Porter Collection 2014 By Rabia WahabWell here comes the trendy look pret a porter collection 2014 for women! This collection has been launched out just few days back by Fiction Concept. Fiction Concept is newly emerging fashion houses in Pakistan. This brand has been set up by Rabia Wahab. It is basically founded for women clothing. Seasonal and occasional collections are most commonly introduced under the name of this brand house. They mostly share their collections in the concepts of traditional and little bit modernity flavors in them. Pret dresses are no doubt becoming one of the latest trends these days. Parties and formal functions are taken as best alternatives in favor of these dresses designs. Hence this pret a porter collection designed by Fiction Concept has been outstanding and modern looking for the eyes. Each one of the design is added with the fresh and artistic form of cuts and hues.
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