Manish Malhotra is considered to be India's leading and most successful fashion designer.
Indian fashion industry has become a big and diversified fashion industry of the world. Indian fashion designers have been producing almost all types of fashion attires including cultural South Asian to fashionable Western dresses. Indian fashion industry births some biggest name who contributes to lift Indian fashion to top of the list in South Asia and Manish Malhotra is one of them. Manish Malthotra is being considered one of the most successful and famous fashion icon of Indian fashion and film industry. His huge popularity grounds on the realities of his fantastic work for bollywood industry. Manish Malhotra the fashion king of Indian fashion industry has designed lots of fabulous dresses for Indian film celebrities. He is famous due to his different way of designing. He is a most capable person who has envisioned a look for the character. He designs a dress according to the personality of the opponent.
He has designed for almost all famous Indian film actresses but today we are here to introduce you to some of his fabulous work on cultural dress designing. He has a great sense of designing traditional and cultural attires and the reason is his closeness and information about his culture.

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