Application of fancy work with different accessories and ornaments to beautify the dresses has been an old cultural practice. Women have beautified their dresses with different sort of embroidered work since long time. They used some other material to give fancier look to the dresses. Lots of things have been used for this purpose like motives, beads and stones. Designers get fabulous designs on putting together such materials and accessories. To nourish and to give fancier look to dresses the technique that has been used widely among the designers throughout the world. The designs are purely based on trendy styles, cultural values and occasional needs. Thread embroidery is a widely used technique of designing the dresses. South Asian cultural dress design in Long Shirt, catalogs are full of lots of beautiful thread embroidered designs. Different types of threads have been used to fetch and to make different sort of thread embroidered designs. Here we are going to share you some embroidered dresses of Thread & Motifs from their official page. Lets have a look on these Threads & Motifs collection 2012.
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