Bridal collection of Fahad Hussayn in PFDC Bridal Week 2014-2015 was hard to understand for a common viewer because the dresses have been designed in highly creative manners. Fahad Hussayn took the inspiration of his latest bridal dress collection from the civilization of ancient Kalash and Kashmir bridal dresses and redesigned the philosophy of their bridal dresses in to modernly sanctioned patterns. Along with such creative bridal dresses, Fahad also showcased traditional South Asian bridal dresses in patterns of shalwar kameez, saree and lenhga. Fahad used the color scheme very creatively and charted magical color patterns for his latest bridal dress collection presented in PFDC L`Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2014. Hope you really liked the creative glamour of Fahad Hussayn in shape of ancient Kashmiri and Kalash bridal dresses
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