Ayesha Khurram dress designer brand is named as one of the best clothing designer brands of Pakistan. Since the last 10 years Ayesha Khurram designer brand is ruling on fashion planet. She has set up with her own clothing store. This fashion house is all engaged in bringing up with the prĂȘt line collections for women only. The main aim of Ayesha Khurram is that she is all aimed in bringing up fresh and new designs. She blends her dresses with elegant yet contemporary designs. In most of her dresses you will be finding the merge of embroidery and sequins. There is no such other designer or brand that has used this unique designing yet. Ayesha Khurram simply loves experimenting with patterns, figures and faces. She appeared with the new trendsetter inside the Pakistani fashion market. Have a look Designer Collection by Ayesha Khurram
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