India is a land of color, traditions and celebrations. Every rich culture has some dominant factors including language, beliefs and clothing. Indian culture cluttered with sub cultures and every sub culture has its own unique values, norms and tradition. Unlike other factors clothing habits are almost same in all over the India. In dominant part, Indian shalwar kameez is the most widely used dress.  People all around the India used to wear the traditional, designer and modified version of shalwar kameez dress. Indian Tunic best known as casual kurti is one those shalwar kameez prototypes which is being widely used in India. Instead of India the dress “Indian Tunic” has also been used in Pakistan and other regions of South Asia. Indian Tunic (Indian Tunic Kurti) dress is basically a combination of modernly designed and developed short kurti which can be used with leggy, jeans and trouser, and it depends on prevailing trends. Nowadays the use of leggy is in fashion and leggy has been used with almost all type of cultural and modern dresses.
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