Celebrations are the part of life and people rejoice events, occasions and parties to get pleasure from life.  Celebrations are happiness in terms of joy. Gathering and get-together are the function of a social life.  People prepare for these celebrations, arrange different sort of social activities, prepare variety of foods and wear beautiful dresses. Women use makeup to look beautiful and elegant. Eid is one of the celebrations of Muslim world. On the day of Eid people celebrate the day according to the norms and values of Islam and local culture. Women and girls wear beautiful and colorful dresses on the Eid day and use makeup and different ornaments and jewelry to ornate. When we talk about the fashion trends according to Eid a one thing that must came in our minds in Mehndi. On Eid day women and girls use Mehndi paste to decorate their hands, arms and feet to look more beautiful and elegant. 
It is also a cultural activity in South Asia and Middle East. Mehndi designing now becomes an art and fashion activity. Lots of people have joined it as an art and business.  Different sort of designs has been used on different occasions like bridal mehndi designs have been used on marriage ceremonies to decorate brides, party mehndi designs on parties and Mehndi designs for Eid are being draw on Eid Day. Today we are going to present some gorgeous and beautiful Mehndi designs for Eid. These Mehndi Designs 2012-2013 will make your Eid day more beautiful and elegant. Let’s have a quick look on Mehndi designs if you want to draw these mehndi designs for yourself on this Eid day.
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