Salwar kameez (also spelt shalwar kameez or shalwar qameez) is the dress worn by both men and women in South Asia and Central Asia. It is a unisex dress similar in manner to shirt and pants worn by westerners. Traditionally, it has been worn in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Punjab (a region shared by both Pakistan and Northern India). It is the official traditional dress of Pakistan. Since the 20th century, women in Southern India have also adopted this dress complementing the Sari, the traditional dress of India. Wiki
As Salwar Kameez is a traditional dresses of South Asia but now a days it is rapidly changing in stylish designs. Most of the dresses designs modifying the salawar kameez according to the modern trend, like Kameez is converting in the Kurti, Frocks, Umbrella Frocks, Open Shirts and Gowns which are reshaping of the Traditional Kameez and Salwar is also modified into the Churidar Pajama, Trouser Salwars, Indian and Pakistani Pajama and Patiala Salwars. Lets checkout the Latest Salwar Kameez and Kurti Designs in colorful Patterns for Parties.
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