The term lawn is commonly used in the Textile Industry. It is refer to a special type of decorous crisp finish given to a cloth product. The finish product can be applied to a variety of fine fabrics, prints or plain. Lawn is a lightweight, pure cloth known for its semi-transparency. Originally Lawn produced in white color, after that it may be dyed or printed. Lawn cloth commonly is used for dresses, especially in South Asia. For summer season in South Asia girls highly demand this type of stuff of fabric due to the warm environment. Firdous Cloth Mills is one of the leading textile mills in Pakistan. Firdous mill was established in 1972. Recently Firdous Textile Mills hire some Indian Models and Film Actresses for the promotion of their new designs. Firdous Lawn is so famous in Pakistan due to its reliability and uniqueness of designs. A special class of society always prefers this product and Firdous Lawn has its huge number of loyal customers.

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